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The Ultimate Fat Loss Seminar

  • Learn the most effective programming for fat loss
  • Descover the best techniques to motivate, empower, and develop habits that stick
  • Profit wildly from becoming the expert in fat loss techniques and psychology
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The 3 Most Important Aspects of Fat Loss That All Great Personal Trainers Must Know Are:

1. Effective, "Dialed-In" Program Design ... Guarantee Great Results Every time. No Exceptions.

  • What set and rep schemes to avoid
  • How to pair rehab with fat loss
  • The best protocols to ensure maximum fat loss
  • Countless plug-and-play templates described

2. Nutrition Guidelines That Fit Your Clients Lifestyles ... Ones that your clients will actually do

  • How the media skews information
  • The differences between women and men
  • Advanced methods used by a Hollywood trainer to get rapid results
  • What guidelines you can legally give, and which ones you can't

3. The Secrets of Adherence ... Because a program is only
as good as your ability to get your client to want to do it

  • The lifestyle / results continuum
  • How to encourage positive self-talk
  • All about avoiding the expectation and comparison traps
  • Strategies to develop realistic, attanable goals

The Answer Isn't Another Diet or Pill

If a client doesn't get results, it's your fault.

Maybe it wasn't the right plan for them. Maybe you didn't coach it properly.

The resulting effect is that too many people are left searching for a magic solution priming them to become the next victim.

People are smarter than we give them credit for. They know fat loss doesn't happen overnight but they are frustrated because it's impossible to know who to trust. These days everybody is an expert right? But, as you and I both know, there are experts, and there are experts.

Personal trainers absolutely need to know exercise and nutrition when it comes to fat loss...

...But that's not enough because

everybody is different.

Every client has different life stressors and different reasons for not eating well, not exercising enough, or not sticking to a program.

AND THE MEDIA DOESN'T HELP. In this day and age sensationalist reporting gets views and advertising dollars. Integrity and responsible reporting is a thing of the past.

With all of the advances in exercise knowledge, the explosion of the fitness industry, and the money spent by Governments around the World people are still getting fatter.

The reasons why vary and because of that, you need to learn from a variety of experts who teach what they do best -- nothing less, and nothing more.

What You Gain From the UFLSeminar

Want to get better by learning from 7 different hand-picked experts to not only help your client lose fat, but keep it off too. The UFLSeminar is your answer. Here’s what you can expect to gain …

Find the best weight

Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, author of the #1 best seller The Diet Fix, exposes the truth about food labels, reveals where many food myths originate, and how myths are picked up by the media.

After that you'll learn how to set reasonable, attainable goals to help your clients reach their best weight, which is "whatever weight you reach when you're living the healthiest life that you can honestly enjoy."

2Develop killer programs

Learn how to build effective programs every time with seemingly endless examples. No guessing. No more haphazard results. Fat loss soars.

"Trainer of the trainers" Nick Tumminello explains the 7 laws of exercise programming for fat loss, the difference between circuits, combinations, and complexes (and when to use each), and shows you how to keep your workouts engaging and effective.

3Take it 1 habit at a time

Sustainable fat loss is dependent on behavior modification. Krista Scott-Dixon PhD, program director for Precision Nutrition's Lean Eating program, shows that we're all "change makers".

Begin to encourage positive self-talk while building your nutrition and exercise programming to help change 1 habit at a time. It all comes down to knowing who your clients actually are and how to connect with them.

4The secrets of a celebrity trainer

Get your clients camera-ready (or ready for a major event like a wedding) using the techniques that Hollywood stars depend on.

Chad Landers was the first (and at that time, only) American to graduate with a Diploma in Sports Nutrition with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and his client Corbin Bleu recently placed 2nd in Dancing With the Stars. Get the skinny on celebrity weight loss techniques and learn about the lifestyle / results continuum.

5Progress according to comfort

There's a short and very, very long answer as to how and why people become obese. Before learning the nutrition and training guidelines for obese men and women, Mark Young reveals the 4 stages of obesity.

Even if you've never been obese you'll finally start to understand just how complicated the condition is. This is a place where you can have a massive effect by "regressing according to ability, and progressing according to comfort".

6Female-specific fat loss

Jill Coleman MS takes you for a journey into the mindset of females looking for fat loss and competition coaching.

Why does binge-eating happen and why do breaks in willpower exist? What is the comparison trap and expectation gap and how can you help your clients get through them. In the UFLSeminar Jill talks you through all of these to accelerate your learning and become a female fat loss training Jedi.

7Exercise is medicine

Cut through the myths and dogma to learn what really works and what might be stopping your clients from losing weight.

Take it from the "obesity MD" Dr. Spencer Nadolsky MD, exercise is medicine. You'll learn how to network with physicians (with a handout), the top 3 reasons why clients don't lose fat, and what you really need to know about thyroid and adrenal fatigue.

Here's a Few Samples

Krista Scott-Dixon on why people come to you ...

Dr. Yoni Freedhoff on comfort food ...

Now Accessible to Everyone

The UFLSeminar package includes teachings from 2 MD's and 5 specialists. It is the result of decades of research and testing that no one person would be able to do.

If you were to choose one goal that your clients most consistently have, it's fat loss. You would easily spend hundreds if not many thousands of dollars in addition to years of time to attempt and accumulate this rare collection of information.

If you had been fortunate enough to attend the seminar personally, you would have spent $299 for your ticket -- and that's not including the cost of travel and accommodation. Coaches traveled from across the Atlantic to attend this event costing $1,000+ in airfare alone.

But we're able to cut our costs because the UFLSeminar package is meant for you at home. This way you can benefit from all of the information from the comfort of your home for a fraction of the cost.

The investment for the UFLSeminar is not $1,000+, $499, or even the $299 that every attendee paid for their ticket.

It starts at only $99 for instant access

The UFLSeminar Comes With a Full, No-Questions Asked, 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I really don’t think that you’ll take me up on this but it’s important that you feel 100% secure in your decision to get your copy of the complete UFLSeminar package. When you purchase, you receive a FULL 60-DAY GUARANTEE.

This means that you get access to the entire package of 4 DVD’s and the information-packed binder and, if for any reason at all, you’re not happy, simply email me at and I’ll refund every cent.

Investment into your professional education should not be a difficult decision and I want to remove all doubt from the start.

Introducing ...

The Ultimate Fat Loss Seminar

In the Package

  • 4 DVD's jam-packed with 8 hours 33 minutes and 31 seconds of content
  • All slides to follow along and take notes
  • Signed certificate of investment for you to use to claim CEC's
  • A no-questions asked, 60-day money-back guarantee

Plus 2 bonuses, which include:

  • Become the Go-To Trainer: How to Attract & Sell More Clients on Autopilot by Jonathan Goodman (value $29)
  • The Top 10 Abdominal Exercises by Nick Tumminello (Value $19)

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Listen to what coaches just like you have to say about the UFLSeminar ...

"[...] All sharing different perspectives to reach a common goal"

 "[...] Lots of things to take back to my clients in the UK"

"The trainers were amazing. The speakers were amazing."

"Learned about fat loss from all sorts of different angles."

"[ ...] It has totally paid off."

"I think that this seminar was awesome."

Here's what's included in the UFLSeminar package

In the Package

  • 4 DVD's jam-packed with 8 hours 33 minutes and 31 seconds of content
  • All slides to follow along and take notes
  • A no-questions asked, 60-day money-back guarantee

Plus 2 bonuses, which include:

  • Become the Go-To Trainer: How to Attract & Sell More Clients on Autopilot by Jonathan Goodman (value $29)
  • The Top 10 Abdominal Exercises by Nick Tumminello (Value $19)

Program design, nutrition, and adherence for sustainable fat loss

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Got questions? We’ve probably answered them below.

  • Q.How is this different from other resources?

    A.The UFLSeminar is unique in that it’s teachings are interdisciplinary. Fat loss is a complicated subject. Just knowing nutrition and exercise isn’t enough. For this package we brought in experts in adherence because the importance of the best program in the World pales in comparison to the one that your client will actually do.

  • Q.I’ve bought DVD’s from seminars before and was always disappointed by the image quality and sound. How was this filmed?

    A.We’ve had the same frustration, so went to great lengths to ensure the sound and video quality was top-notch. The entire event was filmed professional with 3 cameras (2 stationary and one roaming) and each speaker was mic’d. Both sound and video quality is professional–no handycam videos here. There are a couple of instances where a question from the audience is a touch hard to hear but it’s rare. The room is a touch dark to ensure that you can see the presentation clearly.

    I’ve included two examples taken directly from the DVD’s above. Click here to check out a few examples to see for yourself.

  • Q.Do I get the slides to take notes on as well?

    A.Absolutely! All slides from the presenters are included in the binder along with the DVD’s.

  • Q.I don’t live in Canada or the United States, do you ship internationally?

    A.The DVD’s will ship anywhere in the world and you can access the digital materials anywhere as well. The DVD’s are formatted to play anywhere in the World.

  • Q.I don’t work with clients who want to lose fat. Is this still useful?

    A.First off, you’re lying. Every trainer works with clients who want (or need) to lose fat. But if you’re still not convinced that fat loss is important than no, this isn’t for you.

  • Q.What if I want to return the package and get a refund

    A.While we don’t think this will happen, it’s important for us to provide a complete refund policy. If, for any reason, you’re not happy with the package you can request your money back within 60 days by emailing me at We’re so confidant that you’re going to love the package that we’re willing to absorb the $50-$70 printing and shipping costs if you purchase the “physical” or the “both” packages.

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